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Business Insurance

The smartest business decision you can make

Business Insurance: The smartest business decision you can make

So you’ve attained the American Dream! Business ownership. Pride. Freedom. Calling your own shots and doing things your way. But business ownership also brings greater responsibility and the need to protect everything you’ve built. Pumphrey-Hamel’s roots are in commercial insurance. We’re currently serving third generation business owners who appreciate our ability to customize a policy just right for them.

Insuring your business can be complicated. Property insurance, liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and even business interruption, all require some thought. We can help narrow down your needs to what’s important and deliver a policy that makes sense for you.

As independent insurance agents, Pumphrey-Hamel has unlimited options to secure the future of your business. Get started here or give us a call at (330) 837-3848.